WPA Members

19 results
Company Name City Name/Country Name Joined Coverage website
Aqua Air Logistics Wll Bahrain/Bahrain 13 February 2014 Gold Fund http://www.aquaairlogistics.me
AGIL Freight Logistics LLC Doha/Qatar 13 February 2014 Gold Fund http://www.agilfreight.com
Air and Cargo Services Inc Chicago/USA 23 May 2014 Gold Fund http://www.airandcargousa.com
8Motions Solution GmbH Dusseldorf/Germany 12 June 2014 Gold Fund http://www.8ms.biz
Geuther & Schnitger Logistics GmbH & Co. KG Hamburg/Germany 24 July 2014 Gold Fund http://www.gs-logistics.com
Sea Hawk Lines Pvt Ltd Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia 05 January 2015 Gold Fund http://www.shal.asia
TFS Overseas Le Havre/France 09 January 2015 Gold Fund http://www.tfs-overseas.com
Silvirom OÜ Tallinn/Estonia 03 July 2017 Gold Fund http://www.silvirom.ee
The Vision Shipping LLC Dubai/United Arab Emirates 23 June 2017 Gold Fund http://www.thevisionshipping.com