WPA Members

16 results
Company Name City Name/Country Name Joined Coverage website
TFS Overseas Le Havre/France 09 January 2015 Gold Fund http://www.tfs-overseas.com
Log In Shipping and Logistics Ltd Haifa/Israel 11 February 2015 Gold Fund http://www.loginsl.com
Shanghai Menq Logistics Co.,Ltd Shanghai/China 11 June 2015 Gold Fund http://www.menqlog.com
DGL International Cairo/Egypt 19 December 2016 Gold Fund http://www.dglegypt.com
VEGAMAR SHIPPING TRANSPORT AND TRADING CO., LTD Istanbul/Turkey 27 February 2017 Gold Fund http://www.vegamar.com.tr
The Vision Shipping LLC Dubai/United Arab Emirates 23 June 2017 Gold Fund http://www.thevisionshipping.com