WPA Members

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Company Name City Name/Country Name Joined Coverage website
New Globe Logistik LLP Mumbai/Bombay/India 20 March 2011 Gold Fund http://www.newglobegroup.com
Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB Stockholm/Sweden 14 September 2011 Gold Fund http://www.scanlog.se
Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB Gothenburg/Sweden 14 September 2011 Gold Fund http://www.scanlog.se
Salammbo Group Tunis/Tunisia 24 May 2013 Gold Fund http://www.salammbogroup.net
Jumbo Transport A.S. Oslo/Norway 26 June 2013 Gold Fund http://www.jumbotransport.dk
Air and Cargo Services Inc Chicago/USA 23 May 2014 Gold Fund http://www.airandcargousa.com
SHANGHAI WINDOWS LOGISTICS CO.,LTD Shanghai/China 16 March 2017 Gold Fund http://www.windows-logistics.com
Air and Cargo Services (Vietnam) Co. Ltd HoChiMinh City/Vietnam 02 October 2017 Gold Fund http://www.aircargo.co.uk